Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hand Towels finished.

Playing around with colours which would make people normally back away from...hahaha....love neons.

Anyhow tried different weaves using straight draw and just playing with the treadles to see what there is available in my imagination.  Happy with the results.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Felted Handbag is finished:

The first handbag is made.  OOAK for my mates birthday.  I was very concerned that it would not be to her taste but loving dolphins and the colours she was over the moon.  I am really chuffed with the outcome and cannot wait to make another one.

These little feet are with thanks to Brigitte Eertink of Rozevilterije

Sunday, September 29, 2013


Had a dyeing day!

When dyeing your own fabric make sure you have the correct gloves....hehe did not notice that there was a hole in my glove.
New pair, who knew??

 But I did like the results.  Very experimental and thoroughly enjoyable.  I used Red, Blue and Yellow food colouring.
Mix of water and vinegar with a tsp of salt.


Spinning today with wool dyed with Landscape Coastal kit

Love the way they have spun together.

 Knitted Cowl

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Busy Bee

I realise I have not posted to my blog in ages but I have been busy with felting, pewter, markets and knitting a lot of scarves and cowls.  A hat in between and spinning new wools.  To add to the above list I have also acquired a new loom - a LeClerc Mira which is been put to good use making hand towels out of cotton and will soon be moving onto bigger cloths for Baby Carriers (baby Wraps) which are wonderful items to carry your baby close to you when either out or at home.  I remember having something similar when my babies were small and absolutely loved it.  Especially for those mums still feeding little ones it is extremely handy when you are out as baby is already in position.

Below are pics of what I have been busy with:

Old Loom - Glimakra Table Loom

New Loom Leclerc Mira - What a pleasure :)

Market day in Amsterdam

Cowl from Market day

Jersey knitted in between with felted flowers and odd buttons for colour

Started Felting

Hand Towels on Mira Loom

Hand Towels

Spinning wools for a specific scarf in mind

Pewter for centre of handbag which is felted

Bag coming together.  Still have to put on base and do handles.

Microwave dyeing

Dyed wools

FairIsle hat in between again....

New warp....Bright and Neon (shine in the dark LOL)